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Clorox Pool&Spa pH Down safely lowers pH level of pool water. You need to maintain your pool water pH levels and total alkalinity for the comfort and safety of users and for other pool products to work properly. Use test strips or test kit to measure ph. The ideal pH for pool water is between 7.2 And 7.6. Follow dosage chart on CLOROX Pool&Spa pH Down to adjust pH as needed. Reduces pH to protect equipment and surfaces
Optimizes sanitizer efficiency
Reduces skin irritation

Manufacturer: Chem Lab Products Inc ;
Model: 10005CLX;
MPN: 10005CLX;
Part Number: 10005CLX;
UPC: 810821021326;
Color: ;
Brand: CLOROX Pool Spa;
Department: ;
Size: 5 Pound;
Warranty: ;
Label: Chem Lab Products Inc ;
Amazon Sale Rank: 10802;

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