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In The Swim Granular pH increaser will raise your pH level to correct acidic water conditions. When the pH drops below 7.2 simply add pH increaser to your pool to raise the level. The ideal range for your pool’s pH should be 7.2 7.6. Low pH levels can cause things such as cloudy water skin irritation and damage to your pool and equipment so it’s a good idea to have pH increaser on hand for those times when your pH level is low. Dosage rates can vary based on your pool’s current pH but it is best to begin with an initial dosage of 1 lb. per 10 000 gallons. pH increaser is also commonly referred to as Soda Ash. 45 lb pail
Increases your pools pH level
Granular Soda Ash
Use when pH drops below 72
Initial Dosage 1 lb per 10 000 gallons

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