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Ultraviolet Pool System (Dual Lamp)

Safe Eco Friendly Family Friendly


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The Ultra UV is an ultraviolet system for pools & spas that provides an additional layer of protection and sanitation beyond the capability of the usual chlorine or salt generator sanitizers. By immediately neutralizing the microorganisms that are resistant to these other sanitizers as water circulates through the UV reactor maximum sanitation is achieved. Our UV system provides a 99.9% kill rate for all water born pathogens including crypto and gardia. Kills all forms of algae. Makes your pool and spa safer environmentally friendly and more economical to operate. Safe Eco Friendly Family Friendly
Inactivates 999 Bacteria Viruses Fungus Algae Micro Organisms Instantaneously
Dramatically Reduce Chemical Demand By Up To 50

Manufacturer: Paramount;
Model: 004422202200;
MPN: 004422202200;
Part Number: 004422202200;
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Color: Grey;
Brand: Paramount;
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Size: Dual Lamp;
Warranty: 2 year warranty;
Label: Paramount;
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