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Algae Shield is a proprietary formula that holds copper tightly in solution while allowing it to be completely accessible for killing algae. This makes AlgaeShield highly effective. Rapid and complete dispersion is another unique feature. This allows the copper to get where it needs to be to kill algae even if circulation is not optimal. You don’t have to worry about this algaecide settling to the bottom. AlgaeShield gets under ladders and in all those places that are difficult to brush. Just 1 ounce per 1000 gallons of water applied every 30 days is all it takes. It’s the only algaecide you will need. Includes one 32 ounce bottle with directions for use. Effectively Kills Prevents Algae
Works with chlorine bromine ozone ultraviolet and salt systems
Add 1 ounce per 1 000 gallons of pool water per month
Rapid and complete distribution through the water
32 Ounce Bottle Treats 32 000 Gallons

Manufacturer: Earth Science Laboratories Inc;
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Size: 32oz;
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