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Aquabot Turbo Repair Parts and Belt Kit 2011 and Prior

Technician Recommended


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This kit fits all Aquabot Turbo models with G style tracks and a white drive motor. The drive motor can be seen in the filter compartment off to one side. Includes all of the most common wear items including the main pulley. The addition of the main pulley helps to ensure that your belts will return to the same tension as when the cleaner was new and prevent future premature drive belt failure. If you have an older Turbo model please visually compare your drive tracks and confirm that they do have tabs extending from one side as pictured. Probotics Advantage Tip: If the support pins on your side plates are worn under the stepped tension rollers simply swap the side plate (identical) from the non driven side. Technician Recommended
Original Equipment Manufacture OEM Parts
Solves Most Drive Problems
High Quality Extended Wear Components
Prematched for an ERROR FREE Repair

Manufacturer: Aquaproducts;
Model: ABT0902G;
MPN: 4316529820;
Part Number: 4316529820;
UPC: 738964930902;
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Warranty: Warranty for 90 days from date of purchase ;
Label: Aquaproducts;
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